Browser Parasite

30.dec.2000 duur: 3:41 - Onderdeel van Nettime TV
Of the end of the browser Explorer 5, van het programma Nettime, de uitzending over de browserdag 2000.


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[v]Deo, an UnCommercial

From: "We Want More Bandwidth", the Society for Old and New Media, Documenta X, Kassel. Originating as a performance at the opening of an art gallery in amsterdam, the "[v]DEO" project has gone through several metamorphoses since it's beginning. the video version shot in front of the artist's house in Amsterdam, presented as a videoloop installation, and then edited into a commercial for a local Amsterdam student magazine and presented for three month continuasly on MTV europe, as part of the dutch magazine's campagne involving art works as commercials. in November 1996 it was again remixed into a commercial for money, or an 'UnCommercial'. it was since incooperated into diverse media and art manifestations, including the "We Want Bandwidth" workgroup at the 'Hybrid Workspace', Documenta X, and in the presentation "get The Picture" at the Annual film festival, kassel 1997. "Deo: an UnCommercial" is a short 'nonsense-video' attemting to address issues such as Freedom of speech and Broadcast, Centralized Media, and TV-age slogens such as "free your mind", "Advertising: the right to choose" and "The Medium is the message" in a free form style, using video layering, collage and displacement and without using text. the result is a 30 seconds 'Blip-vert'. Soundtrack by Ronen Hoffman, pRecycle/DXMBekijk video»

Browser Parasite

Of the end of the browser Explorer 5, van het programma Nettime, de uitzending over de browserdag 2000. Bekijk video»

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